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A design with clean lines that plays on the precision of a unique graphic design by enhancing the relief. On each product in the OPUS line, like a signature, the engraved MAC ALYSTER central plate elegantly concludes this picture with sobriety and refinement.

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⸱ Synthetic lining
⸱ Polycarbonate material
⸱ Zipper closure
⸱ Trolley suitcase
⸱ 4 double wheels
⸱ 4,1 kg
⸱ 50 x 30 x 78 cm

Material and care

To maintain your suitcase, prepare a cleaning solution with a glass of lukewarm water and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Soak a microfiber cloth in the solution and clean the inside and outside of your suitcase. A sponge with a scrubbing side is effective for stubborn stains that persist after using the solution.


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